About AR Village

Our Vision

AR (augmented reality) Village is a unit of Techax Labs LLP. This dream village is developing on augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and extended reality with the vision of creating a place of Joy, happiness, an education hub, and creativity. 

AR Village is an Augmented Reality start-up whose lead product brings physical books/marker/card/toys with Augmented and Virtual Reality App provide vibes of educational concepts on a digital platform in the form of 3D realistic & interactive models with well-designed interface and proper guidance.

We are using the most advanced technologies to create this beautiful place where students can learn, a scientist can perform research, a developer can create amazing things, a business owner can find IT support, and gamers can play next level game. This place has an infinite source of learning, entertainment, and creating things. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today, and shape your dreams?

Our solution is compatible with a smart phone/tablet to enhance learning with increment in engagement and intra-activity.

3D Content

Learn about the concept in 3D rotate the scene by dragging your fingers, rotate the models, zoom in or out into the scene by pinching with your fingers.

Marker Based

Bring the learning to life, enjoy your favorite marker-based concepts in the augmented reality. It helps students to experience immersive, three dimensional visual and audio simulations.

Augmented Reality

Engaged the students in the new learning methodology and excite them to learn with fun engaging activities with augmented reality.

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