FAQ on Alphabet Jingles

  • Is Alphabet Jingles compatible with my devices?

    Only available on Android devices Android: Minimum Android 5.0 (Lolipop)  

  • Do I need External Hardware or anything?


  • Does Alphabet Jingles offer games in my language?

    Alphabet Jingles is availble in English.

  • How does Alphabet Jingles work?

    Alphabet Jingles comes with interactive cards with the Android app now when you play the app It will search for a marker, then you have to put any cards and you can see 3D models related to that card (marker).

  • How can i get Alphabet Jingles?

    You can order Alphabet Jingles from arvillage.com.

  • Do I need WIFI/internet to use Alphabet Jingles?

    Yes, you need Wifi/internet to use Alphabet Jingles.

  • Is Alphabet Jingles common-core aligned?

    Yes, Alphabet Jingles is common-core aligned

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