Alphabet Jingles by AR Village (Pack of 2)


  • Learn Alphabets faster than ever.
  • 52 integrative 3D AR alphabets models with fun games in 28 cards.
  • Includes Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Colors & Shapes
  • This set of flashcards is the perfect gift you can ever give, that makes your friends and family with children feel special. Our flashcards can be a gift on any occasion like Birthdays, Holidays, Diwali, and many more.
Alphabet Jingles App in Mobile and Tablet with Box
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How to use the Alphabet Jingles App?

Step 1

Scan & Download

Scan QR code & download the Alphabet Jingles app from Play Store.

Step 2

Open & Play

Open the application and tap on play button.

Step 3

Scan cards

Scan the cards from your smartphone.

Step 4

View in AR

Enjoy interactive Education in AR village.

Vikash Vaibhav

IPS Officer

I saw the presentation of the wonderful product "Alphabet Jingles". It'll definitely strike an interest towards learning for young minds who are just beginning to climb ahead on the ladder of education. I wish the very best for Success.

Mandeep Kaur


I am really grateful to AR Village for providing such an attractive learning for the pre school kids. Based on my experience. I highly recommend it to parents. Just go for this product, your kids will love it and also will give them real picturization of objects using AR tech. AR Village team is very supportive to its customers.

FAQ related to Alphabet Jingles

Is Alphabet Jingles compatible with my devices?

Currently, Only available on Android devices.
Android: Minimum Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

iOS App coming soon.

Do I need External Hardware or anything?


Does Alphabet Jingles offer games in my language?

Alphabet Jingles is availble in English.

How does Alphabet Jingles work?

Alphabet Jingles comes with interactive cards with the Android app now when you play the app It will search for a marker, then you have to put any cards and you can see 3D models related to that card (marker).

How can I get Alphabet Jingles kit?

You can order Alphabet Jingles from our website, Also Available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Do I need WIFI/internet to use Alphabet Jingles?

No, you don’t need Wifi/internet to use Alphabet Jingles. Internet is only used at once to download the Alphabet Jingles App from Play Store.

Is Alphabet Jingles common-core aligned?

Yes, Alphabet Jingles is common-core aligned